Because we like to be different, we created our own work environment.

A space, where the shapes, the colours, the ideas and the imagination give birth to Artmin Concept projects.

Each project is a challenge! Each challenge is a stage in our development as an agency and, in the same time, a stage in developing each client’s business.

From branding and visual identity, online and offline campaigns, marketing integrated campaigns, customized promotional items and print, to outdoor promoting and event organizing, all lead to a better position on the competitive market of each client, in a mixture adapted to his needs and activity field.

About Artmin Concept

Our Team

Artmin Concept is a creative space who gathers in the same place people with different passions and an essential common point:

the ability to valorise, through art, each and every project assigned by the client.


Creative Director


Creative Director


Art Director


Art Director



Our services


Working near professionals, at our place the things are not made at random. To gain results, to achieve the goals on the market, you need a good strategy, and a good strategy is based on research, analysis, methodology, reporting.


The story of the printing machine starts at the beginning of the 1040, leaving behind the parched paper and lying on the paper with porcelain or metal letters, what now became history. Today, there is no limit of graphic content, texts or shapes. We manage by combining graphics, print, finishing and treating of the sheet paper, to bring in the most innovative printed materials, of small and large dimensions, indoor or outdoor or even inventions for special projects.

Graphic design

It is the coat that covers, for the visual and aesthetic point of view all the promoting materials. Form the smallest and the simplest materials, either if we talk about visit cards the meeting roller pencil or the notes, catalogues or presentation dossier, posters, meshes or video commercials, signage or events, all of them have as common point the design. We model it according to each identity, we highlight the key elements, we accomplish visuals full of essence and accuracy, meaning and art.

Media and outdoor

Media includes press, radio and TV campaigns, which when they are well planned may bring anticipated results to your business. We offer you campaign management, no matter its type: production, follow-up, reporting. The outdoor is the one accompanying our walks, through: Panels, Led Displays, Backlits, Billboards, Unipols. We customize the through creative visuals, airy and and legible messages, which help the brand, the products or the service to be known and acknowledged.

Integrated marketing campaigns

Using more and more communication media (TV commercials, radio, print, sampling, outdoor, online, caravans, events), media well delimited in space and time, well balanced and targeted from the audience point of view, we make integrated campaigns, with a high success rate in fulfilling our goal.

Creative concepts

At the base of the popularity and the success of a campaign or a brand, we find the ”creative concept” that distinctive element trough which its numerous levers leads its spectators into the story, it spoils them, it makes them understand and see more. We are here for creative original concepts, spectacular and distinct within the competitive market.

Branding & visual identity

Like the people, each company is unique; and the uniqueness is offered by the brand! That is why we are very careful when we create it, how we raise it, how we develop it and how we will keep it on the market. It is the image of your services, it recommends you further to your clients and makes you different from the competitors!


Those items that each client, partner and employee enjoys, no matter the time of the year, when they are given as presents. The objects that you have at you each time you go to a fair, conference, event, which give you a distinct note, make you known. From the simplest and the most usual things to the craziest, made especially after a concept and customized with your logo, make as a whole the image of the brand and help you be present and recognized.


We wish that the all the important moments in your business to be known no matter you want to offer your employees the occasion to socialize at a theme party or you want to celebrate the anniversary with your partners and clients, we are next to you. We offer our support for a successful event: event concept, implementation, logistics, promoting and management, on short all you need to be relaxed and enjoy the success.


The environment you have to be present all the time, to be omnipresent, the environment in which the majority of people meets you for the first time, with the specificity of all your activities, with the quality of your services or products that you offer. It is the environment you pick the most information about clients and your partners, where the competitiveness is opening widely its doors in order to make itself known. Because we like to be online, we take your business with us to make it known!


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